The Free Book Library is a collabrative effort to make books available to everyone. We feel strongly that you should be able to experience the joy of reading wherever, whenever and however you see fit without limitations.

The current situation for aquiring e-books is woefully inadequate: prices are artifically high, selection is limited and often the material you purchase is crippled by invasive DRM. The goal of the Free Book Library is to help you find and start reading new books as quickly and easily as possible.

Culture belongs to everyone and should be shared as widely as possible. This website is a labor of love. There is no money here, no motivation for profit. Everything is offered up freely to whomever wishes to participate with us. Please share and share a like.

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Wow! So many books for free!
This site is simply fantastic. There are a ton of free books ready to be downloaded. Lot's of different genres to choose from too.

Wishy92 Jul-03-2019
It's legit and super easy to use.
I was tired of all of those other spammy sites that promise what you are looking for only to run you around in circles of ad after ad. Ebooks.i2p was different. It just works. You see a link, you click a link, then you get your file. So simple.

Forturia Jul-03-2019
A popular destination.
One of the most frequently visited darknet sites within this directory.

administrator Dec-28-2020

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