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We love cryptology and find the place where the Internet, anonymity and cryptography meet to be very fascinating! This intersection of technologies is referred to by some people (including us) as the darknet. Darknet Proxy is a website dedicated to spreading awareness of the darknet and promoting the tools that make it possible.

If you would like additional information and insight into our motivations for running this website, please read the about page.

Despite the ominous sounding name of the "darknet" and the notoriety of a few bad actors, the darknet can be a valuable and wonderful thing. Just because something is part of the darknet does not make it inherently illegal... it is a much broader community! Visit our about section for some examples of the many uses of the technology.

Like many other Information Location Tools such as Google or Transitory Digital Network Communications like your local ISP, Darknet Proxy cannot control the content you access through our service. We follow all applicable US laws to ensure that this website remains legal. If you have concerns or would like more guidance then please consult our abuse page.

No. Absolutely not. All of the content that is accessible from the search, user contributed links or our proxy server are hosted and controlled by unknown 3rd parties. As outlined in our terms of use, only legal and non-infringing content is allowed on this site. 

The content that is hosted here at Darknet Proxy is limited to the descriptions, thumbnails, links, ratings and reviews of the link directory along with the few static pages listed in our sitemap.  Please visit the abuse section to further direct your concerns through the proper channels.

There are two services offered by this website: a link directory and a darknet proxy. The first service, the link directory, is comprised entirely of user generated content that can be freely submitted here. If you have a copyright complaint with a link in the directory, please follow the DMCA instructions. All other legal questions should be reported to the proper authorities who can followup with us via the contact page.

The second service, the darknet proxy, is an automatic technical process that allows visitors to view the content of 3rd party darknet sites without the burden of installing and configuring the required software themselves. As such, the proxy falls under the Transitory Digital Network Communications provision of subsection 512(a) of the DMCA. 

The darknet is a new and exciting frontier waiting to be explored. Although it can be scary and at times intimidating, the darknet should not be feared. If you would like to learn more about the technologies powering and empowering countless people and websites across the darknet, then please visit the Tor Project and the Invisible Internet Project homepages today.

I hope we have answered most of your questions here, but if not then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to address your inquiry within a timely manner.