General Information

Due to the nature of Darknet Proxy as outlined in our Terms & Conditions many things can be seen that some might find objectionable. Consequently, we receive a large number of abuse complaints. Unfortunately, most of them are spurious or non-actionable. This page will help you determine whether to submit an abuse complaint, how to do so, what supporting material you will need to include, and what to expect afterward.

Despite the relatively few restrictions in our Terms & Conditions of Service, there is one particularly important point for abuse issues. When members post links or comments to our service, they are asserting:

  • That the content is both legal under United States law and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

As part of the contractual relationship formed with our members before they post content, they are legally obligated to adhere to this restriction. It is typical for us to receive complaints alleging that our members have violated this contract with a certain degree of skepticism. However, members do occasionally violate our Terms & Conditions, and we react appropriately to such betrayals of our trust.

We will not usually be able to respond in any specific way to an abuse complaint. Our Privacy Policy prevents us from discussing our interactions with our members, including adverse actions we may take in response to abuse complaints.

Please do not assume that we support or endorse any of the content viewable through Darknet Proxy. We believe that freedom of speech is the inalienable right of all people. Consequently, we do not censor our members on the basis of content, no matter how offensive or repugnant we may personally find that content to be.


I am the owner of a proxied site and I want it removed.

If you are the owner of a hidden service that is displayed in our directory and you would like it removed, then please contact us with the following:

  • Address of hidden service you want removed
  • Proof of ownership


A proxied site has infringed my copyrighted content.

As we do not host any content ourselves, there is not much we can do. When accessing a site through Darknet Proxy, we are more of a "conduit" as covered under section 512(a) of the DMCA. Anyone who runs the TOR or I2P software can freely view these darknet sites. We do not have the ability to "takedown" sites controlled by a 3rd party. Please see our page of DMCA notification guidelines.


A link located on DarknetProxy.com leads to infringing content.

We do not allow links in our directory to any illegal or infringing content. All links within our directory are user submitted. As such, each user must attest to the legality of their links before posting. If you believe the linked content to be a copyright violation, then please see our page of DMCA notification guidelines. 


I want some content removed from a “.onion” or “.i2p” address.

Darknet Proxy does not host, control, nor have the ability to discover the owner or location of either a .onion or .i2p address. These addresses are pointers to what are known as hidden services. The name you see ending in .onion or .i2p is a hidden service descriptor. It's an automatically generated name which can be located on any TOR or I2P router anywhere on the Internet. Hidden services are designed to protect both the user and service provider from discovering who they are and where they are from. The design of hidden services means the owner and location of the .onion and .i2p site is hidden even from us.


A proxied site is defaming me or otherwise injuring me civilly.

Please forward a certified copy of your legal finding from a court of competent jurisdiction to our address. If you have not yet obtained such a finding, a preliminary injunction or court order is typically also sufficient.

If you are not able to obtain the above, you will need to work directly with the site operator to resolve your differences. We will have to fall back on our members' contractual assertion that the links and comments they post are legitimate and therefore we will not be able to get involved.


A proxied site has content that is illegal in the United States*.

If you are aware of criminal activity, your first step should always be to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. Only the police can enforce the law.

If you are a US law enforcement official working on a criminal investigation and you need our assistance, please contact us. For fastest response, along with your identity, please provide your office phone number and extension.

So that we can comply with our Privacy Policy, we will need a viable subpoena, warrant, or court order, depending on the specific circumstances, before we can provide any information. You are welcome to contact us in advance to discuss the information you will need, which can help minimize delay and tailor the scope of the information sought. However, we will need the final subpoena, warrant, or order to be properly served before we can turn over any information about our members.

If you are not a law enforcement official, keep in mind that neither are we. We are not in any way trained or qualified to investigate or fight crime. Therefore, it is not appropriate to send accusations of illegal activity directly to us, and such accusations will generally have to be discarded. You must contact the appropriate law enforcement office. Then, they can contact us if appropriate.

*We reserve the right to voluntarily cooperate on a case-by-case basis with countries outside the United States.


A proxied site contains offensive content.

At Darknet Proxy we firmly believe that censorship is a dangerous and misguided approach to the problems of society. We help provide access to a huge number of fantastic sites through our proxy, unfortunately the nature of this technology means that we might also make it easier to access less than fantastic sites.

We believe that the price you pay for living in what we hope is a free society is that when you encounter something offensive, you must resist the urge to censor it and instead research, investigate, and speak out passionately in opposition to it. That is the essence of free speech.

Please do not send us abuse complaints of this nature. We will discard them.